The importance of trace minerals to the body is not overstated, especially when talking about the advantages of selenium. The immune system of your body must have the right vitamins and minerals to work, and they all are important. Selenium is among the most important trace minerals that can help you if it’s adequately in your body. However, it can result in an illness or even death if it isn’t.

Selenium is found in nearly every cell of your body, including pancreas, the kidneys and spleen, and helps ensure proper liver function. Similar to other essential minerals selenium acts as an antioxidant that eliminates free radicals that are circulating around your body in the form of tiny devastators. It is becoming more and more apparent that this super mineral is being linked to its involvement in the fight against several human-related diseases and illnesses.

Selenium’s main benefits are protection against cancer and heart disease

Seleniums role in protecting the heart is one of the most impressive. This mineral can prevent the blood from adhering to the inner lining of liposomal trace mineral selenium supplement your arteries. This reduces the chance of clotting and causing heart attack and stroke. How’s that for a triple-threat? Selenium’s advantages include raising amounts of healthy cholesterol. Another advantage in keeping your heart healthy.

Cancer is a natural target in selenium. According to the Office of Dietary Supplements selenium levels that are high in the blood decrease many types of cancer, including prostate, colorectal , and lung. The antioxidant properties of selenium help prevent the growth of certain cancer cells and tumor cells. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that increases the level of fight of our immune system research studies reveal that the growth of blood vessels, that aid in the growth of tumors, is suppressed! It is no surprise that medical research is conducting ongoing tests for selenium against a variety of other forms of cancer.

This mineral is essential in overall body health, as well. It has been found to improve male potency and fight arthritis. Its antioxidant quality helps defend the body from the effects of alcohol as well as other toxins. As with copper, it also plays an important role in the maintenance of your skin and your hair. Selenium supplementation aids in reducing asthma symptoms and aids patients recover faster from bronchitis and pneumonia.

Certain foods and supplements may provide you with the advantages of selenium

If you can locate produce that has been grown in selenium-rich soil, increase your intake of Oats, nuts, brown rice and leafy greens. But, the majority of foods that once had beneficial levels of selenium now don’t have those levels, anymore. That’s because farm soil has been cultivated so many times, that selenium levels have decreased.

So, continue to eat as healthy a diet as you can, but know that the majority of doctors today suggest that you take supplements for selenium to ensure that you maintain the level of your selenium that is healthy. The recommended doses of selenium are 55mcg per day for women and 70mcg per day for males. For cancer patients or those with higher risk of developing cancer, doctors recommend amounts of up to 400mcg to get the full benefits of selenium.

As you can see, selenium is an all-around super trace mineral that aids your body in so many important ways. Selenium is one of the trace minerals that can prove the old adage , that good things come in small quantities. Selenium is a mineral that must be present in your body and even if you’re not taking the multi-vitamins, then you’re not getting enough of the essential mineral. Incorporate selenium into your diet just as soon as you can to ensure that you start reaping the health benefit of it.

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