War, What Does “Winning” Mean?


This is a conflict


We should “win”


For what reason must we win?


How might we win?


At the point when will we know


We have won?


Such manner of speaking and showing off


Is hardheaded, uninformed, and stupid.


Kindly pick up the pace God


Also, let Thy the hereafter!


In the interim neocons


Attempt to get some


Put their hands in the treat container


Discuss worldwide great


Sell dread and a guise


To take and go the distance


To the furthest pieces of the earth


To country assemble, rebuild, and conceive an offspring


To their financial points and victory


Obtain new pipelines


Dawdle and take time


Give reasons, impossible goals to issues


While clandestinely making progress toward long haul occupation


In the interim let Maliki wander in the mud


Of American governmental issues and moving


Unremarkableness and exploitative


While the nationwide conflict is seething


Obtuse techniques for   How to join illuminati  war we’re pursuing


Oppressive cross examination techniques vilifying


Reducing one’s human nobility


Eliminating any feeling of tact


As we lose the fight generally vital


The battle to change jihadists philosophy


Gracious, yet we are winning


We are destroying blameless individuals


Annihilating families homes


Affecting displeasure with words


Pinpointing and articulating the “vile forces that be”


Cautioning about additional WMDs and nukes somewhere else


Especially in adjoining oil rich countries


Expecting to achieve in an increased heightening


Local infiltration and control


In Iraq most extreme bedlam and disarray


Then, at that point, sibling Bandar and the young men in Saud


Can reach out and Bush Co can acclaim.


Saudi than can benefit from war as well


Putting their jobless to work


Sending Wahhabi jihadists to battle abroad


Will be really great for and safeguard the place of Saud as well!


Giving their local psychological oppressors another person to assault


They can send their new 72 BAE Eurofighters to Iraq


Visit and assist their minority Sunni siblings with terminating back


What’s more, in particular


Broaden their circle of rulership in Arabia


As they sit tight for collaboration with America


The trump card set for the back street oop upset


The main specialist of fear prepared to attack


No requirement for incitement


We’ve currently got al Qaeda and Bin Laden


Left at large, they’re the ideal substitute


For going into all out attack mode


After every one of the American public are unfortunate and anxious


Safeguard us Dick, Donald, and George


Right and request for us another world


In the event that important send cousin Marvin


To give both security and a loss insurance agency


Since the expulsion of domineering Saddam


Was no enchanted wand


He ended up being nevertheless a pawn


One previously set up by us


Why than the entirety of the fight?


We previously upheld the butcher of Baghdad


Presently we back a frail inert Maliki


Watching, pausing, and examining


What his new frontier aces in America will do


For without the U.S. of A he is through.


With respect to country security


There has not been an assault on our dirt since 9/11


Definitively in light of the fact that we just required one


To give a sufficient stage to trade war


However long the geological area is oil rich and sure


Tropical storm Katrina casualties anyway don’t enlist


With regards to getting the country


Their necessities are in their guarantor’s hands


The Bush bureau is centered a far distance around different terrains


However at home we’re “winning” the conflict


By reason of the devastating regulation we establish


While placing our populace in a restraint


TSA stripping us and saying, “You can’t take it.”


Fluids of any sort, air terminal security has flown off the handle.


Common freedoms are at this point not significant


Public safety has become transcendent


After all conflict without end is prominent


Security initially is the call to war of this President


Gracious truly, than declassify the 9/11 Commission Report


Especially all data on Saudi and Bandar your amigo


America at home has passed the Patriot Act


Homegrown interruptions have turned into a day to day truth


Be it by the CIA or praises of the FBI


Examinations are progressing whether we live or pass on


Segregated ghetto unfair police severity


Segregation, racial profiling, and culpability


However our government officials pontificate and purport achievement genuinely


Try not to fear my dear, safeguard will be prevailing


Shifts in power coming to design energy independence


Save the unrefined streaming for the American nation everlastingly


At sensible costs to support the economy


To keep past oil barrens above water monetarily


As they present their Texas tea cheerfully


With as little ethanol as conceivable ideally


Try not to stress my dear, 2007 will be a phenomenal year


Halliburton and Lockheed Martin will drink loads of lager


The Bush bureau will bring you exhilaration and cheer


Endless safeguard contracts. No lying here


Simply a cunning global activity


Magnificent arrogance with another sensation


Loosen up the vulcans have approval


Their fall men are set up if there should be an occurrence of any examination


This is about homegrown spying and undercover collaboration


VP Cheney’s opportunity for self-completion


Project for the New American Century


Allow us to let you know how to live and be blissful


Donald Rumsfeld of the media made sport


Prideful oversights and guiltlessness we counter


Persistently concealing 9/11 reports


While professing to have the American public’s


Wellbeing on a basic level


While at nonconformists and trick scholars we toss darts.


Snickering and leaving the international strategy of the Founding Fathers


We legitimize ourselves as we terribly leave


Our new type of statecraft, a finesse craftsmanship


Picking on the other hand to utilize and send out military humanism


Disregard Great Britain, we have our own type of imperialism.


By the by take rest


Go to Disney Word, get away


Pass on the conflict to us and mitigation


Of each and every adversary and enemy


The repudiating of anyone who knows


Also, try to confront us and show


The secret truth to the overall population


For intel requests we as a whole keep all calm


While we move in the background


To fabricate our tactical oil procurring machine


With respect to this conflict, don’t be in a hurry


After all mission has been achieved


By rebuilding the progression of intel


Cheney and Rumsfeld have trapped


Public governing rules


Presently they can go unhindered and make progresses


Without incitement militarily take risks


Apply pressure where needed


In any city, country, or town.


Unwind. Older sibling will make certain to safeguard


Just trust and don’t remember to examine


Neither reprimand nor reject


That which you are told


Try not to pay attention to talking heads in the media


However they are splendid and intense


Continuously be agreeable, respectful, and ready to tune in


Embrace each Presidential assessment


After all the power is his


Our own decisions we should excuse


Most significant is our situating


With Saudi Arabia’s imperial oil family


Cheney’s international strategy consultants


With whom he shared Thanksgiving extras


Recall the 9/11 thieves?


They were Saudi identification holders.


Presently a previous CIA official is suing the VP


The brains of Iraq, judgment, and mystery


Who made bogus insight about WMDs


Gracious indeed, this war we are winning without a doubt


Quit worrying about that US warriors that pass on and drain


Of this oil our falcons have need


For they have for a long-lasting lived


Lavishly, by reason of their insatiability


Great situating in organization country


Abusing legislative power


To line up with the modern conflict complex


The CIA and NSA utilized for their vortex


Dread merchants and war hawks


“The results of losing are colossal.”


Gracious however we have proactively lost


Many billions of dollars


Also indispensable human existence


To support worldwide conflict pointlessly


Concerning the excessive conflict cost


Monies assigned for our affectation


Citizen dollars which we might have utilized


To help our own at home


Give satisfactory medical services


Show the destitute in New Orleans we give it a second thought


Increment the quantity of educators in school


Practice the brilliant rule


Start by offering grace locally


Prior to extending ourselves somewhere else carelessly


We might have taken care of the devastated requiring food


Transformed migration as opposed to being discourteous


Managed the public deficiency


Rather than pointlessly dismissing and extending it


All the more forcefully seek after elective energy


Oh no! I neglected. Concerning oil, we want considerably more


Blood for oil, the way to lengthily propagate war


For by it the strong benefit liberally.


With respect to Bin Laden, the man no good


To us he is of no interest any longer


We’ve utilized him completely


Defamed him shockingly


What’s more, presently can seek after our arrangements universally


Disregard Bin Laden at this point. He is inconsequential to us


Nor was he of all time. Shhh! Not so boisterous Woodward.


However activity curve was cunning


Receptacle Laden is only a reason


To give a pseudo setting


To give adequate reason


To seek after different battlefields


Criticize the adversary, put your shoulder to the entryway


Attack a country. Start new oil investigation.


Extend our impact globally


Sell American protection fortunately


Than toss your net across the guide


Make a jail planet and lash


All of us with your weight


Present to all of us under your illuminati administration


Decrease us to humble bondage


To lift up and comply with you


While you would what you like to


Excuse us Cheney for Wolf’s examining interview.


In any case when you in all actuality do look into, seeing you is great.


Basically Senator McCain is all set hard


Also, send a huge number of additional soldiers


Gracious no doubt, that is excessively exact and clear. Oh no!


Less soldiers and vulnerability in Iraq is obviously better


Leaving a hole and means for you by which to move


To in time adjust your actual arrangement by excellent plan


To divulge why by and by you want us to flounder and come up short


Dismiss portrayals and ends on Fox News


For they clearly support decline


Advancing O.J’s. book was more than adequate proof of this as well


However essentially you have an organization on which to air


Your political philosophy, while exhibiting military hardware


Start to fabricate your Presidential library to get your inheritance


Battle generously and secure your newsworthy restraining infrastructure


Rush to disperse any claim of publicity or scheme


By each mean conceivable quietness your opposers

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