Stun Gun – Is it Good Enough to Protect Your Life?  

 Stun Gun – Is it Good Enough to Protect Your Life?


This personal security device comes in a wide array of forms and versions, however, they all are packed with a powerful punch.  Nonetheless, there are still individuals .458 socom ammo  who are wondering, “can a stun gun protect you?”

The simple answer to that questions is, yes.  However, there are many reasons why stun guns are so powerful when you are considering self defense products.  This is because stun guns can take on many different forms.  For example, there is the genius, cell phone stun gun.  This particular self protective product is very sneaky – as no one would ever think that it was more than just a plain cell phone.  However, this is unlike any other cell phone on the market, as it is jam-packed with 80,000 volts as well as a 120 dB alarm.  This amazing product is one that could actually save your life.  However, there are many people who are afraid that they will accidentally set off the alarm on this product, but no need to worry, there is a safety switch that can be activated, and deactivated, whether the “phone” is in the holster or out of it.

Another great stun gun product is the Bestex Stun Gun Thunder 80,000 Volt.  This particular stun gun is traditional in appearance, however, it also is very powerful.  You will never need to own another self-defense product once you have owned this, and other, stun guns.  The Bestex Stun Gun Thunder is very portable – with the dimensions being 4.75 X 2.3 X 1 – this small design keeps it very discrete, so no one will know you are carrying this taser.  However, if it is ultra-portability that you are looking for than the Pocket Guard Mini Stun Gun is probably that choice for you.  Even though this particular stun gun is quite smaller than the rest, this does not mean that it is suffering with its performance.  The Pocket Guard Mini Stun Device holds a powerful charge, with 65,000 volts.  This small and compact self-defense product will easily fit in your purse or in the glove compartment of your car – all discretely and securely.

And yet, when it seems the options of stun guns can’t grow anymore, there is one more product that is truly a lifesaver.  This is the Firefly Stun Gun Combo.  This product is truly a “combo” – with a wide assortment of personal security devices included for one, very low, price.  With this combo, users will get Firefly micro stun gun, which comes in three different voltage options, 350kv, 650kv and 950kv.  You will also get a free holster, keychain pepper spray, three lithium ion batteries, and they key release, which can quickly allow you to disconnect your keys from the keychain, giving you easier and more powerful access to your pepper spray.  You get all of these options in personal defense products for one low price.  This is product is known for being one of the best products dealing with protection for women.  This is because of the small nature of the stun guns and pepper spray, you can store it all away within your purse or pocket.



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