Fly Killer Machine – the Mark of Hygiene

There are many situations where infestation by flying insects needs to becontrolled. The urgency to deal with flies, mosquitoes, wasps and even moths, varies according to the situation 滅蚊燈. This can range from the need to have a comfortable home or office to the vital requirement to keep hospitals, and operating theatres in particular, free from infestation. Also, any business or public sector operation that provides food must have this protection in place as a matter of law.

There are also less obvious applications where the need to keep flyinginsects under control is important. Some sensitive machinery can befouled if insects get inside. Printing presses can see the unfortunatemspectacle of the impression of a dead fly on its finished pages because a fly killer machine wasn’t around to do its job. Laboratories need to ensure that chemicals and experiments are not interfered with by a stray fly.

And then there are farms. Where there is livestock, there are predators or scavengers waiting to get in on the act. These include flying insects. Even stables, kennels and catteries need protection. This list is by no means comprehensive. For example, undertakers and hospitals have a duty to ensure morgues are free from pests.

The answer to these problems is to purchase a fly killer machine. There are two reasons why fly killers are purchased, one is because they are wanted by the purchasers. OK, so that is a dumb thing to say, is it? Am I really saying that some people buy fly killers, even though they don’t want to? Well, yes, because the second reason for buying fly killers is that people are forced to do so by law. As i said, where food is being handled in a business or public sector operation, they have no option but to provide protection against infestation by flying insects – and this usually means a fly killer machine.

More often than not, those in the second group – those that must use fly killers by law – are also found in the first group, i. e. they are happy to have them anyway. There are a minority of business, however, that are found only in the second group. They are the people who only buy a fly killer because they are forced to. The establishments run these people, whether they be restaurants
or food factories, are places to be avoided!

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