Google Cars Slips Under the Radar

You’ve never heard of Google Cars, officially called Google Comparison Ads for Cars? That’s because it’s a new initiative Buy Google Reviews launched by Google, surprisingly, under the radar. Google Cars is Google’s test venture into the automotive lead generation business, and so far it’s producing lackluster results.

San Francisco Bay beta test reports that Google Cars is currently only available in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a beta test that’s only available in the new car market, and dealers must upload an inventory feed in order to be included.

The so-so results to date can possibly be attributed to Google’s attempt at a quiet launch, when typically the search giant opts for a big publicity display which boosts initial success of most of its ventures. This could be simply due to widespread consumer interest in just about anything Google puts its fingers in.

Google’s disclosure

You’ve probably noticed a link that says “Why these ads?” next to AdWords ads on Web pages or search results, which explains how ads are generated and how Google is compensated for running those ads. Google Cars has a similar disclosure, titled, “Why these cars?” The resulting link explains, “Vehicles from participating dealers are sorted by MSRP and distance. We are compensated by some of these providers.”

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