Bodyguard And How To Get Bodyguard Jobs

Have you ever seen an entourage surrounding a political figure or athlete and wondered what does it take to become a professional bodyguard? The position of bodyguard, also known as close protection specialist or executive protection specialist, for a VIP may seem like an impossible job to land for your average Joe, but if you have perseverance and dedication the job of a professional bodyguard may not be as far from your grasp as it may seem.Bodyguard vehicle Pictures, Bodyguard vehicle Stock Photos & Images |  Depositphotos®

What does it take to become a bodyguard?

Most people believe you must be well versed in some sort of hand to hand combat and have experience in the military or handling weapons to become a close protection specialist. While in some cases this may be true and make landing a particular job easier, a private protection specialist simply needs to be someone willing to put their own safety on the line for the safety of others.

The close protection specialist work is similar to the secret service agent work. Good executive protection specialists and true professional close protection specialists are willing to take bullet for the person they protect.

This is why executive protection specialists get paid quite well to do their job. Their presence means that in order for any personal home security guard given person with malevolent intentions to get to the person being guarded, they will have to go through a close protection specialist first who may be armed and is probably prepared to maim or kill.

What does it take to get bodyguard job?

In order to get a job, you need to contact the people who need the services of an executive protection specialist, or people who deal in private protection services. You may be surprised to find out there is quite a big business built around private protection, and a simply search on the net will give you a number of places to leave your name and resume.

Keep in mind that typically higher profile jobs will demand a higher profile list of experience and weapons and tactics skills. Most of the close protection specialists who protect high profile individuals have years of military or paramilitary experience, as well as experience serving other people of lower profile.

In any case, if you are serious about becoming a bodyguard you can begin your training and search via the internet as soon as possible. There are a number of opportunities out there, and one may be just the one to open the door to this exciting career for you.

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