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If you try to do your own research on men’s jewellery, you will find that in ancient times, this already has been part of men’s accessories. So, this just means that women are not only the ones who will be able to have their own appreciation when it comes to silver rings, amber jewellery and much more. As time goes by, men seems to be hesitant wearing too much jewellery since this has been mostly associated with that of women’s accessories. Nowadays, it seems to be that men are having such interest with jewelleries again, but this time around they would opt for those which can stand the test of time.5 Indian jewellery brands in top 100 luxury cos' list: Report

All of this started when men became interested with wearing watches as well as cufflinks. This has been a fashion since then that men would love to have their own collection of this kind of men’s jewellery buy gold in dubai. This is for the reason that men love to be close at hand with time, since they more often are the ones who go to work on a daily basis, watches have not been only a fashion statement to be worn by men at all times for all occasions but is also a necessity.

Cufflinks then, which was also a part of men’s jewellery during the early times, were worn to compliment the suits that they wear as they go to work everyday. Some men have so many cufflinks as part of their collections, while others have quite a number of cufflinks to match their attire.

This time around, men make use of jewellery which has already evolved in these modern times. Men can now wear silver rings, gold necklaces and other types of jewelllery that will match whatever type of occasion to attend to. Wearing jewellery nowadays is more of a trend rather than a necessity. If you were to notice with the black music society, they actually promote wearing “blings” as they call it, which are heavier necklaces and rings to be worn as a fashion statement of the modern days.

It is easier to get access to men’s jewellery nowadays compared to its availability before. In the older times you will have to visit various jewellery stores just to find out that what you are looking for is not available. This time around, you can get access to online jewellery shops that can provide you with a wide variety of options when it comes to purchasing jewellery exclusively made for men to wear. You’ll definitely find a lot of options to add in to your collections.

Handmade jewellery is one of the latest fashion crazes. Bracelets and necklaces made of beads, hanging earrings with beautiful gemstones or handmade silver rings are only a few items you can find in artisan shops these days.

Starting a business in handmade jewellery is cheaper than you think. You’ll certainly need several tools to begin with, but you can start by making simple items and move on to complicated silversmith works later on, after you get a bit of experience and confidence in your skills.

If you’re new to handmade jewellery, educate yourself first. Learn various techniques and styles. While learning, notice what kind of work you like most. For instance, you may discover you have a strong affinity with making Art Nouveau style pendants and bracelets. You should definitely give more attention to that specific skill, because if you love it, your creativity will sky-rocket and you will be able to produce exquisite pieces of art that might be worth a small fortune.

When deciding what kind of jewellery to create, you need to watch the fashion trends. If Swarovski crystals are trendy, you could create a line of jewellery based on silver with Swarovski elements, for instance. You can make sets of earrings and necklace, bracelets, rings or even little charms for the mobile phone. If gemstones are on the wave, focus your efforts in the direction of designing jewellery pieces with the most beautiful amethysts, sapphires, ambrosia, moon stones or whatever other gems you can think of.

Every business needs clients, so you’ll have to find ways to show your creations to the world. The cheapest solution is to open a shop on Etsy, but that’s far from being truly professional. Even if you start on Etsy to test the waters, after you see some success, you should think about developing your own business website. Since you have products to sell, the most appropriate type of website would be an online store with shopping cart and online payment possibilities.

The next step is to bring people to your jewellery website. Make short videos illustrating the making of some nice pieces of jewellery and upload them on YouTube. Make a Facebook page for you business and associate it with your website. Set up a Pinterest account. Pinterest is mainly visual, so it’s the most appropriate social networking site for spreading cool jewellery designs. You might be surprised by the number of leads you could collect from such a website.

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