Marshmallow Guns Fun For One and All

When it comes to toys that the entire family can enjoy it is hard to beat a marshmallow gun. Not only is it inexpensive and runs on ammo that is readily available, but it also emits projectiles that are soft enough to shoot at just about anything. While you could hurt people with most guns, this gun will allow you to shoot at people, pets, and inanimate objects in your house all without any worry of harm.

Marshmallow guns are easy to use and shoot. First the ammo is readily available in grocery stores, big box retailers, and even gas stations and convenience stores. No need to go on a city wide search or order from some far away place. On top of that, it is a simple matter of blowing through a tube to propel the marshmallow out. Even a small child can do it. In addition, it is pretty accurate for such a simply made gun. If you are so inclined you can add a rapid loading station to it so that you can shoot several in a short period 7.62×39 ammo for sale of time. Or add several at the same time and get a shotgun like effect with several coming out at the same time.

The harder you blow the farther the marshmallow goes. While great to use in the house, marshmallow guns are even more fun outside. Gather all your friends and relatives and have a paint ball like capture the flag type of game. Kind of like tag with marshmallow guns. The beauty is that you can do this just about anywhere outside. Find your favorite local park and have at it. If there are woods it is even better. A local playground will work as well.

Many people will want to pick out their Nerf gun based on how cool it looks, which can be hard to do, since their bright paint jobs and new designs make them all look pretty cool. If you’re shopping for a child you will probably want to pick one out based on its age range, since some Nerf guns and weapons can be more powerful than others. They can also have more complicated shooting styles or are too heavy for younger Nerf blasters. Another option you will want to consider when choosing your Nerf gun is where it is going to be used. More powerful guns can shoot up to forty feet and probably aren’t recommended for indoor use. But there are less powerful guns that can be used for living room or office Nerf battles as well.

Several of the more popular guns include the Nerf Maverick, Nerf Raider, and Nerf Vulcan. They are all very cool-looking guns but each serve different purposes in your Nerf arsenal. The Nerf Maverick is a smaller gun that looks similar to a revolver. When you’re ready for battle simply load the 6 foam darts into the round chamber and you can fire them off in a matter of seconds. The Maverick could very easily be an indoor or outdoor gun as it only shoots up to 15 feet.

The Nerf Raider and Nerf Vulcan on the other hand are quite a bit bigger and recommended more for the big kid who loves Nerf. The Raider is Nerf’s version of a Tommy-gun. Its claim is the largest capacity Nerf gun ever. It holds 35 darts in its drum magazine and can shoot a single shot or can be set to rapid fire to give you an edge in your next Nerf battle.

Weighing in at 8 pounds, the Nerf Vulcan shoots rapid fire mini darts. With an attached ammo belt and target sites you’ll never run out of Nerf ammo and it provides some of the most precise shooting accuracy. Both the Vulcan and the Raider are probably better for outdoor use as they are able to shoot a further distance. Either one would be a fine choice to take into your next Nerf battle.

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